Hiking To The Krnsko Jezero Lake

Slovenia has many natural gems, but it’s best known for its mountains. It’s a heaven for hiking lovers. One of the hikes I especially enjoyed was the hike to Krnsko lake in Triglav National Park. That’s the largest Slovenian high mountain lake, which lies at a height of 1,391 meters. After the hike, you’re rewarded with a fantastic view of the lake surrounded by mighty mountains. Is there anything better?

Why is Krnsko Lake so unique?

First of all, the color of the lake is incredible. That greenish water fits perfectly into the scenery. It is an incredibly picturesque place that many photographers love. If you’re lucky enough and there’s no wind, you’ll witness an amazing reflection game on the lake.

The lake is nearly 400 meters long and 150 meters wide with 17 meters depth. It has a rich ecosystem with around 40 plant species living in the water (mostly algae), and 24 species of animals (small crayfish prevail). To preserve the ecosystem, swimming in the lake is forbidden. However, many hikers do soak their feet in the water after the hike to refresh themselves. And if you do so, many small fishes will attack your feet. Don’t worry, they won’t hurt you, but it will be ticklish as they nibble on you.

Krnsko Jezero Lake is popular amongst hikers as it offers a great starting point for many more hiking trails around. So, for many people, this is just the first stop of their adventure. However, this can be a great place for a day or weekend trip too.

About the Krnsko lake trail

The starting point for this trail is ‘Dom dr. Klementa Juga v Lepeni’ mountain hut. The estimated walking time should be 2,5 hours, but it took us a little bit more than 3 hours with a few stops. The trail is easy and marked, and everyone can do it as you walk through a beautiful path in the woods. It’s a bit steep the whole way up, but it’s nothing to worry about. Many families with kids also come here.

After you reach ‘Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih’ mountain hut (1,385 m), you still need around 15-20 minutes (only this time it’s not uphill) to reach the lake. After you do, the first thing that everyone does is taking the shoes off and just sitting next to the lake and admiring the view. After you’re done with chilling, do the walk around the lake.


  • We did this hike as a one-day trip, but I recommend taking at least two days and sleeping in the hut so you can get the most out of this place. I still regret we didn’t do that.
  • Keep in mind that the hut is quite full most of the time in the season, so you need to call before to check if there are available beds. Otherwise, you’ll risk not having a place to sleep.
  • Take snacks and money. Lunch at the hut is a must after the hike. They also have some vegetarian or vegan options available, just ask.
  • There’s another beautiful lake around 10 minutes down a different slope before the mountain hut – Dupljesko lake. Less popular, but equally impressive.
Dupeljsko Lake


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