Groznjan – the Town of Art and Music

Grožnjan – another Medieval hilltop town in Istria. You may think I got tired of them, but each of those towns offers something unique, something that the other ones don’t have. So what does Grožnjan have? Well, Grožnjan is the most charming one of them all. There is the reason why it’s called the town of art and music.

Wherever you go, you’ll find some photogenic corners. Every few steps, I had to take a photo of something as Grožnjan has the cutest streets. All houses are made of stone, and almost every one of them has colorful doors and windows. I’ve never seen so many colors in one town. Houses are also decorated with many plants. Everything looks so alive and playful. Roaming narrow streets of Grožnjan I couldn’t help myself but smile all the time. That’s why Grožnjan should be high on your Istria trip.

Grožnjan is located on a hill 289 meters above sea level. The town offers a view of the river Mirna valley, Motovun, and Učka mountain. The strong Venetian influence is seen in the town’s architecture.

What to do in Grožnjan?

The town is small, and there is not much to explore in the form of a to-do list. But I still have a few recommendations for you where you can find inspiration for exploring the town.

1. Roam through the artistic streets of Grožnjan

My best advice is to roam the streets of the town and find spots that are interesting to you. Grožnjan is a town full of art, so I believe this won’t be a problem at all.

2. Historical landmarks you shouldn’t miss

  • the main town gate
  • Renaissance loggia
  • baroque parish church
  • the chapel of St Cosmas and Damian

3. Relax in one of the many cafes

After sightseeing, I suggest a drink at one of the cafes with a beautiful view of the Istrian landscape.

4. Try truffle chocolate!

Truffles are the most famous specialty of Istria. You’ll find it everywhere and in everything. There are so many products with truffles and in all kinds of combinations that you can’t even imagine. Use this opportunity to try something with them.

Although I didn’t like the chocolate, I’m still glad I tried it. For me, the taste is too strong. If you like truffles though, then it might just be what you’ve been missing in your life!

When to visit Grožnjan?

The best time to visit is from early May and throughout summer because of many artists and musicians who occupy the town. The sounds of all kinds of music are heard everywhere, from the sounds of the guitar to the violin and piano, from jazz to classical. This practice began in 1965 when artists from all over the world came to play in houses that Italians abandoned after World War 2. If it weren’t for them, the town would probably be deserted now.

If you want to avoid the crowds, then it’s best to visit in September. It’s still warm, but there are fewer tourists. That however means you’ll miss all the musicians playing, which I highly recommend.

How to get there?

The best way is, of course, by personal car. There is a big parking spot at the entrance to the town. The parking ticket for one hour is approximately 1€.

If that’s not an option, it’s going to be a bit difficult to get there by public transportation. It all depends on what’s your starting point. But there are bus options that pass close to Grožnjan, so check them out and ask the driver to be dropped at the spot closest to the town. Then you walk a bit, and you’re there.

Stays in GrožnjanStays in Grožnjan

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